RED / ARRI Camera Rentals

RED / ARRI: revolutionary digital cameras for every budget.

CineGround has the revolutionary RED Epic, RED Scarlet  and ARRI Alexa available for rent.

The Epic is the best in studio-style cinema, a wildly powerful 5k camera that offers unparalleled flexibility and phenomenal image quality, including ultra slowmo at 300fps.  It is also the camera at the forefront of 3D cinematograhpy.

The Scarlet, the Epic's lightweight little sister, is an immensely versatile solution that's just as comfortable in a run-and-gun scenario as it is in the studio.

The ARRI Alexa is a precision engineered piece of camera technology, with robust functionality and excellent HD image quality.  It's ready to handle quick turnaround times due to its native ProRes recording, making it an excellent choice for television work.

And finally the RED One MX, a tried and tested piece of gear, offers excellent image quality and versatility, living up to its reputation as the camera that started the 'digital cinema revolution.'

We can provide experienced camera operators as well as a complete on-set data management solution.