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CineGround is a unique camera rental, and post-production house centered around the RED and ARRI Digital Cinema Systems.



Based in Montreal, Quebec, CineGround is a boutique camera rental and post-production house.

In 2008, when digital cinema was still in its infancy, we were one of the first in Montreal to buy a RED One, the original 4K camera. We now offer a full range of post-production services, including colour correction, image and sound editing services, and more technical fare such as transcodes, dailies and digital delivery. We also provide rental of the latest camera technology from RED, ARRI and Sony. As filmmakers ourselves, we understand the desire to aim for the highest quality available. As a boutique company, we also tailor our services to your production's needs and reality, in order to attain the best results possible, from capture to delivery. 

Get to know us below, and if you're in the Mile-End area, swing by for an espresso!

Our Mission

Whereas we live in a world where digital technologies have put a gamut of potent creative tools in the hands of content creators;

Whereas an intimate understanding of how these tools function and interact with one another is critical to maximizing their potency;

Whereas the post-production and production technicians who wield these tools need to be close to one another, physically and mentally, in order to facilitate this interaction;

Whereas an intimate understanding of cinematic language is necessary to prioritize the utilization of one tool over another in order to maximize available budgets;

CineGround exists to equip our clients with the tools and the knowledge necessary to impart the greatest possible impact onto their works.

CineGround - For Filmmakers, By Filmmakers

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