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CineGround is a unique camera rental, and post-production house centered around the RED and ARRI Digital Cinema Systems.

NEW! Zeiss Ultra16 8mm T1.3 prime lens



Look at this beauty!

We're happy to announce a recent acquisition that will dramatically enhance your ability to shoot slo-motion at 2k on the RED Cameras:  This Arri/Zeiss Ultra16 Super-16 8mm prime is an example of the world's most advanced super16 glass. This lens cover's widescreen at 3kHD and covers all 2k modes on the RED, giving you a true wide-angle option when using the cropped sensor mode.  And since shooting at 2k almost always means shooting high-speed (and therefore fast-shutter), the ultra-fast aperture of t1.3 is a real blessing. 

Stop by and test it out today!

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