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Sounding suite. . .

Ah the pun of it all. . .

Ok, I'll stop, I promise.

But yes, in all seriousness, our sound suite is up and running, and sounding sweet! 

We've been doing some tweaking over the last few weeks, getting the box-of-a-space sounding good, and we're happy to have it ready to go.

For those of you who don't know, here at CineGround we offer full sound design and edit solutions for all manners of post-prod sound work - and we can take you right to the finish line with our stereo mixing service.   You can rent the suite yourself, or, work with one of our award-winning sound designers. And it all happens within the energized walls of our boulevard Saint-Laurent office. 

The suite has the new Pro Tools 9 running in a mac environment, complete with a host of plug-ins from Waves, Izotope, and Trillium Lane Labs.

As always, feel free to contact for info and prices.



And cause I'm feeling philosophical, here's some invaluable advice from the infallible Robert Bresson (from "Notes On Sound"... gleaned from the equally superb website


Notes On Sound

To know what business that sound (or that image) has there.

  • What is for the eye must not duplicate what is for the ear.
  • When a sound can replace an image, cut the image or neutralize it. The ear goes more toward the within, the eye toward the outer.
  • A sound must never come to the help of a image, nor an image to help the of sound.
  • If a sound is the obligatory complement of an image, give preponderance either to the sound or to the image. If equal, they damage or kill each other, as e say of colors
  • Image and sound must not support each other, but must work each in turn through a sort of relay.
  • The eye solicited alone makes the ear impatient, the ear solicited alone ,makes the eye impatient. Use these impatiences. Power of the cinematographer who appeals to the senses in governable way. Against the tactics of speed, of noise, set tactics of slowness, of silence

* And vice versa, if the ear is entirely won, give nothing to the eye. 


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