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CineGround is a unique camera rental, and post-production house centered around the RED and ARRI Digital Cinema Systems.

CineGround acquires its first Scarlet!

Following RED's November 3rd announcement of the much anticipated Scarlet, we couldn't help ourselves and called to get ours immediately.

It should hit Montreal's shores in early december and be one of the first in the city.


Sure you could blow sixty grand on an Arri Alexa or $16 thousand for a Canon C300. Then again, you could just as easily get the same 4K video quality for less than $10k with Red's newest iteration of the Scarlet Cinema Camera rig.

The pocket-sized Scarlet has advanced quite a bit since its initial release. For one thing, the Scarlet now records in full 4k resolution—up from a measely 3K in 2008—that's 4096×2160 pixels for video, a stunning 5120×2700 for stills, and a maximum frqame rate of 120 per second. For reference, that's 50 megabytes of data captured every per second.

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