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Nikon ProLock

So, we received our Optitek pro lock a few weeks back, and I've been waiting for a while to get the time to test it out.  

We had some down time today, so we brought out "Shelby" and swapped out the PL Mount for the new Nikon mount.  I'm VERY pleased with the results. 



This mount gives whole new life to our Zeiss ZF primes.  

These Zeiss lenses are fantastic glass (they've got the same optics as their sisters - the Zeiss Compact Primes).  They've all been modified by Duclos Lenses in California with de-clicked iris rings, and hard-mounted focus gears, to provide a true-blue low-cost glass option for indie filmmakers looking to shoot RED. 

However - the week link has always been the mount. A standard Nikon mount was designed for still photography, not the rigours of cinema use. . .

Optitek's mount solves that problem.  It provides a rock-solide PL style locking mechanism that keeps the lens firmly in place.  

In addition, this mount gives full aperture control for G-series lenses, like our amazing little Tokina 11-16mm Zoom.  The new aperture control provides full safe and secure iris control, a geared mechanism for iris rack moves, and a mechanical scale, so you always know what F-stop you're at.  

RED ONE + Zeiss ZFs + Optitek ProLock = a solid low-cost solution for our independent customers. 



(oh yeah, and you're right. . . that IS a new Bomb EVF Shelby is sporting!)

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