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CineGround is a unique camera rental, and post-production house centered around the RED and ARRI Digital Cinema Systems.



Montreal's Digital Cinema Rental Hub


CineGround strives to provide innovative and cutting-edge digital cinema solutions, from shoot to post. We know and use the gear we own regularly, so our clients know they are getting the industry's best in terms of equipment and services.


Featured Cameras


Red Weapon
(Carbon fiber 6K)

New DSMC2 body 

Simultaneous 6K R3D + 4K ProRes 

In camera 1D/3D LUTs (33x33x33)

Dragon sensor with new processing backend


Red Epic-W
(Helium 8K)

New DSMC2 body 

Simultaneous 8K R3D + 4K ProRes

In camera 1D/3D LUTs (33x33x33)

New super35 Helium sensor (8K at 30fps)

Arri Alexa Mini

4:3 or 16:9 35mm format ARRI ALEV III CMOS sensor

ARRIRAW and ProRes 4444 XQ recording formats

14+ stops of dynamic range

Lightweight carbon fiber design

Red Epic Dragon Monochrome

Dragon Sensor without colour bayer pattern

18 stops of dynamic range

Native 2000 ISO

6K (6144 x 3160) 1-100 FPS

Red Scarlet-W

Dragon Sensor

16+ stops of dynamic range

5K 4:1 RC compression

Red Epic Dragon

Dragon Sensor

16+ stops of dynamic range

6K (6144 x 3160) 1-100 FPS

19 Megapixels


Arri Alexa Classic

2K ProRes HQ 4444 ready files

14.5+ stops of dynamic range


16:9 sensor

Anamorphic license available upon request

Featured Optics

Kowa Anamorphic (2x) PL Kit

Classic 70's anamorphic look in a compact and affordable lens set.

The set consists of 4 lenses:

40mm T2.3
50mm T2.3
75mm T2.8
100mm T3.4

Leica Summicron-C

Larger than 35mm image circles means each lens covers 6K FF on Dragon!

The set consists of 6 lenses:

18mm, T2
25mm, T2
35mm, T2
50mm, T2
75mm, T2
100mm, T2

Cooke Mini S4/i

The same legendary image characteristics of the S4/i lenses series, but in a smaller, lighter and cheaper package.

The set consists of 6 lenses:

18mm, T2.8
25mm, T2.8
32mm, T2.8
50mm, T2.8
75mm, T2.8
100mm, T2.8

ARRI/Zeiss Ultra Primes

The work-horses of the film and television industry.  Their robust, light-weight design combined with their iconic imagery make a combination that’s hard to beat.   

The set consists of 5 lenses: 

16mm, T1.9
24mm, T1.9
32mm, T1.9
50mm, T1.9
85mm, T1.9

Fujinon Cabrio
19-90 T2.9 zoom

A large zoom range in a remarkable small package, combined with an unique detachable servo motor and you have a wickedly intuitive arsenal at the hands of your camera operator.  

ARRI/Fujinon Alura zooms

ARRI and Fujinon have teamed up to create a powerful pair of light-weight zooms that can give you the widest range of any of our focal sets in 1 compact kit.   

Our two zoom kit contains:

15.5mm - 45mm T2.8
30mm - 80mm T2.8

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